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Skyline Union is a culmination of 4 musician's driving force to create an eclectic range of music that represents and pays homage to those that flew before them. In doing so they have unravelled a sound of their own and brought it to this great San Diego music community. Members come from notable bands such as Campaign for Quiet, Fiction Engine, Reciprocal, Pete Rose Society and Southern Graffiti. The stark contrast in the origination of each musicians history blends to create Syline Union's unique sound and live energy.

You can preview Skyline Union's music, Check out the latest show listings, follow and recieve updates from our feeds and contact for show requests here on the official website.

The New E.P. "Save For Static" is out and available for download, more merchandise will be coming soon. We want to thank all of our awesome fans who keep making it out and supporting us along the way.

If you check the video's you can find both live and production video's made with our fans around san diego. Thanks for stopping by, sign up for our newsletter and stay up to date on new shows and more!

Music and Video's

Stream Skyline Union Songs Today! The long awaited release of "Save For Static" is Now Available!

A Short Video by Kondo Photography done as a promotional project.

A Full clip of The Crossing performed at the casbah.

A full clip of Lady Luck from the same show:

A Newer song Golden Child performed at the Casbah:

Upcoming Shows

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"Save For Static" is Available today!
Support local music by digital download or purchase a hard copy. Help us finish the next one!

"Save For Static" E.P. Now Available with Free Shipping to upper 48 States through Google Checkout.
$7.50 gets you a hard copy with artwork, liner, case and CD.